What are the future trends for activewear?

What are the future trends for activewear?
Activewear has been increasing in popularity in recent years, and there are many different reasons why consumers have taken to it in such droves. The majority of these consumers have been women, but that doesn’t mean that men aren’t getting in on the action too! As a result, the activewear market has seen exponential growth over the past 5 years and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. To help you get ahead of the trend curve, we've identified five consumer profiles driving future trends in activewear, including what motivates their decisions and how they shop for products and services.

Activewear Consumer Profile:
Women between 35 and 45 years old. These women own at least one piece of athletic clothing, but do not go to gyms or work out regularly. The age group is growing due to boomers delaying retirement. This demographic will continue to increase in size through 2021/22 because there are many stay-at-home moms, who have time for workouts, which involves keeping fit with yoga classes, boot camps and running marathons. From a fashion perspective they want their wardrobe to be versatile so they can wear it both while exercising and when they are not working out. Since these consumers don’t work out that often, their attitude toward price is that they should get more value from what they buy.

Profile 1 - Indoor Generation: Consumers prefer home gym
People who have a home gym, or want to invest in one, spend less time outdoors and exercise outdoors. They prefer to work out in air-conditioned gyms. If they go outdoors, they do it in a climate-controlled environment such as sports stadium seating. Purchasing apparel has become less of a need because these consumers already have a fitness wardrobe that includes trendy workout gear. These consumers spend on home gyms and fancy exercise equipment while purchasing a few items of athletic apparel due to already having an arsenal of clothing from which to choose. In addition, spandex leggings and yoga pants remain popular with many women due to their trendy status among young female shoppers who want comfortable but stylish casual workout wear at home or away from home.

Profile 2 - Nomad consumer
The global nomad consumer is interested in health and wellness, and they like to travel and experience new places and cultures. They also like to look good and enjoy wearing fashionable clothes. Many of them exercise on a regular basis, with high levels of participation in sports such as running, tennis, cycling, skiing, or yoga. They tend to be younger than other consumers but there are significant numbers of older consumers who have retired or semi-retired from careers in academia or business. They make frequent purchases online through their mobile devices while traveling because they may not have time to shop while overseas. Clothing preferences can change quickly based on where they are located - either close to home or abroad - so brands must be able to provide fast deliveries that allow them to get fresh inventory wherever they need it.

Profile 3 - Yoga culture
The number of people who practice yoga have risen by 400% in recent years. As more people try yoga, they will want athletic clothes that help them get even better at it. By 2020, yoga clothing could make up 15% of global fitness clothing sales. You may also see athletic pants designed for Zumba or Capoeira because many companies are beginning to realize that there is money to be made in providing workout gear for niche disciplines.

Profile 4 - Backpackers- Rise of bicycle sports
Participation in cycling sports is anticipated to rise by 0.8% CAGR from 2017-2022, thanks to emerging brands that actively promote fun activities to ride a bicycle with friends and family members. Bike-sharing will become a common form of transportation, as well as an exercise activity. As a result, bicycling has become a part of many people’s daily lives and fitness routines. In response, large clothing manufacturers have begun producing athletic gear specifically made for cyclists to make them look good while exercising at different intensities. Companies such as Rapha Cycling Club have been successful in popularizing bicycle sports among young adults as well as baby boomers who wish to recreate their youth years via cycling sports.

Profile 5 - Rise of Athflow in 2021 and onward
Athflow is a stylish fitness fashion brand that allows people to work out at any time and not be embarrassed by how they look. Athflow offers styles that range from functional tank tops, shorts and leggings to all-black clothing made of sweat-wicking material. Athflow caters to college students, office workers, and gym rats who want to be comfortable while working out and at work or school. Athflow will rise as one of America’s top brands in 2021 and continue on an upward trend for many years after its initial rise.