Minneapolis-St. Paul is one of the fitness cities in America.

Minneapolis-St. Paul is one of the fitness cities in America.

America's fitness City for Four Years in a Row: Arlington, Virginia. This year it ranked first in the annual American Fitness Index, which was created by two organizations: the American College of Sports Medicine and the Anthem Foundation. With a staggering 86% of its residents exercising regularly, it's no wonder why Arlington ranked first. Close behind are Minneapolis, Seattle, Denver, and Madison, Wisconsin, all in the very healthy neighborhood of 85%. Oklahoma still ranks number one for being out of shape and Oklahoma City is ranked as the least fitness city in America, ranking last even among other cities located within Oklahoma.

Although Minnesota experiences frigid winters, it doesn't seem to deter natives from being active. They'll do their best to make the most of those short months before the snow packs in, opening windows, washing cars, or jumping sleds.

Minnesota once again ranked first in the Fittest City in America category due to increased health care coverage and better accessibility to public parks, earning them top marks in numerous areas, including opportunities recreation and air quality.

Some reports also highlighted an increase in the number of residents who engage in moderate physical activity (16% from last year), among other encouraging improvements, such as a significant decrease in reported chest pain (-10%) and heart disease (-4 %).

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