Seattle is the nation's 2nd healthiest city

Seattle is the nation's 2nd healthiest city
Seattle has great healthy eating options as well as outdoor spaces and plenty of bike trails. Seattle is a bustling city, and that's what a new study by personal finance website Wallethub defines. In an analysis of 174 cities in the United States, Seattle was the second healthiest city in the entire nation.

The study was developed in four main categories to determine the health of the inhabitants. The first category was health care, in which the cost of basic medicines and the quality of the public hospital system were taken into account.
The second category was food, which represented the level of obesity relative to the number of healthy food restaurants.

The third category was about fitness, which analyzed the participation of adults in physical activity and the number of gyms in the city. The fourth classification was dedicated to parks. The quantity and quality of bike paths, joggers and walkers in the city were analyzed

Among the categories in which Seattle was number one in the nation, it had the highest proportion of physically active adults and the most running trails per capita, ranking first and third, respectively. This is also consistent with other studies suggesting a healthy lifestyle for Washingtonians.

A study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that Washington residents were among the most physically active in the country and that obesity levels in the state were lower than the national average.

Likewise, the influence of green spaces in Seattle is decisive. The Trust for Public Land report found that Seattle ranks fifth in the nation for the most investment spent per resident on city parks, and the state as a whole ranks third in the U.S. for the most number of state parks.