10 fitness trends of 2023 that will change the way you train

10 fitness trends of 2023 that will change the way you train

The start of a new year constantly feels like a fun time to reevaluate your training method. Usually that means signing up for a gym membership or setting some goals of your own, however with all the fitness fads coming your way in 2023 there will certainly be no shortage of fun and new ways to change the way you sweat.

In 2022, the world of training saw a rise in low-impact exercise classes, game-inspired fitness, and interactive resistance training. This year, experts forecast a new wave of wearables, more tech-heavy training platforms, and smarter, more affordable ways to break a sweat, too. For the details, keep scrolling to see some of the biggest fitness fads of 2023 that are guaranteed to change exactly the way you work out.

1. Training stacking
Doing numerous rounds of mini-workouts will certainly be the next big thing in 2023. While there's an enduring concept that workouts need to last 45 minutes or an hour to matter, people are leaning towards the concept of 10-minute, bite-sized pieces. of small size training in its place. Think 10 minutes of yoga, cardio or resistance training exercise, whatever takes your fancy.

From there, the concept is to "stack" them one after the other to develop a much longer and more diverse workout.

2. Everything related to group fitness
Team fitness courses will continue to pick up in 2023. In fact, an explosion in both group fitness stores and traditional fitness centers, which is great to hear if you've missed breaking a sweat in places beyond your living room. to be.

While home workouts will always be an option after the lockdown (much more on that below), you'll surely have more options when it comes to taking classes in real life. We have seen a steady but slow rise to pre-lockdown presence [in group fitness classes]

3. Advanced wearable technology
Fitness in 2023 will showcase even smarter wearables.
WHOOP is a device that tracks your daily effort and recovery, while providing insights into how you can improve your performance, while Oura is a ring that determines your fitness, anxiety levels and sleep to that you can really take advantage of it. your wellness statistics. Be on the lookout for more innovations in the world of fitness trackers and what they can do too.

4. Gym as a community
The gym will feel much more like a community in 2023. Many people will use physical exercise as a means to really feel connected to others, and people will be much more likely to get memberships at gyms that are popular with their community. construction activities.

5. Virtual reality training
Exercising with a VR headset will become even more important in fitness in 2023. More so, people will want to try virtual reality technology for their exercises, as the metaverse becomes more important as well. VR headsets like Meta, Oculus, or the industry favorite Valve Index will see more momentum in 2023 than ever before.

6. Reframe exercise as movement
The biggest fitness trends of 2023 are all about reframing exercise as enjoyable movement. 2023 will certainly see people try and redefine what counts as a workout. While a "workout" usually brings to mind running or squats, the new year is all about expanding the interpretation to include things like walking your dog, playing basketball, dancing to music, etc., whatever appeals to you. . moving. A shift towards this type of light fitness where people focus on benefits rather than appearances, like better mood, better sleep, and better stamina.

7. Relaxation and recovery
Relaxation and recovery will undoubtedly be key in 2023.
If the past was all about hustle and work, 2023 will focus on cutting enough time to really recover between exercises, which is an important part of a healthy and balanced fitness regimen. There will undoubtedly be a greater passion in recovery studios where you can go with one-on-one stretching sessions and also other futuristic healing therapies such as red light healing, done in the name of giving your body the TLC it needs afterwards. of training.

8. Hybrid workouts at home and at the gym
2023 is all about working around the house and in the gym, depending on how you really feel. Also, while more gyms are open, there is no requirement to remove your fitness apps or offer your home workout routine. You select where and exactly how your training fits based on what works on any type of day offered.

9. Outdoor training and retreats
Outside training will certainly allow in 2023.
2023 will also draw more people outdoors, whether it's for walks, doing yoga in the park, or authorizing a wellness haven. More exercises in nature, such as kayaking, trekking, cross-country snowboarding and sports activities.

10. 80s revival
Fitness goes back to the 80s with action platforms and trampolines.
Action classes will be much more popular than ever in 2023. You're right if you're picturing '80s-style cardio classes that involve getting on and off a platform to tunes. Trampolines (also known as rebounders) are also back as a fun piece of fitness equipment.